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Fast barriers

GARD 4000

The G4000 are fast automatic barriers, for openings of up to 2.5m, are the ideal solution for private or public car-parks in residential areas or in zones of high passage intensity.
they come complete with a full range of assembly accessories such as various-section bars, lamps, racks, fixed supports.
They comply with the requirements of modern system engineering

High performance barriers

GARD 6000

The G6000 models are suitable for industrial and high-intensity use passages. As in the other versions, the CAME automatic barriers are very carefully designed to ensure utmost reliability and specialist features suitable for the application context. The low-voltage operators and assembly structure make these products the ideal solution for controlling work passage areas or applications where fast, safe automation is necessary, for large passageways.

Manual Swing Gates

The manual swing gate, fabricated and constructed in mild steel rectangular and square hollow sections boasts a sturdy arm to prevent access to unauthorized areas such as, manufacturing plants waste sites and roadways etc.
'Lockable' in both open and closed positions the barrier is supplied with two locking posts as standard, this unit is ideal for remote and unmanned locations.

Manual Rising Arm Barrier

The manual rising arm barrier is an ideal solution for staff parking areas of larger multi-use sites, or a park & ride facility. The sturdy steel construction & aluminium pole arm can span openings of up to 9 metres (18 metres with a pair of barriers), and can be locked in the raised or lowered positions, providing peace of mind during overnight periods when the parking area is not in use.


  • 101 mm dia ‘boom’ arm, up to 9 meters
  • Alternate bands on boom arm, in vinyl and available in class 1 or 2 retro reflective tape.
  • High visability ‘stop’ discs supplied as standard.
  • Factory callibarted action/movement.
  • ‘Study’ U.K design & manufacture.
  • ‘Lockable’ in both the raised & lowered positions.
  • Available with either a fixed catch post or pendulum tip type.






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